The Benefits of Making Meditation a Habit
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The Benefits of Making Meditation a Habit

Meditation is a gift. It renews the mind, body, and soul. If I could give one gift of love to everyone that is what it would be. It has been a little over a year now that I have been meditating regularly and its impact continues to amaze me.

Being a Mom is the toughest job on the planet! It requires everything you’ve got all-of-the-time. We need a break from the magnificent chaos of our lives. Our minds need a chance to be silent. Our bodies need a break to be still.  Meditation is the most rewarding way to ‘just be’ that I know of.

You are capable of infinite possibilities. You are capable of living a life of kindness and love no matter what human challenges you face, but you need a tool, a key that always unlocks the door to your divine true self. Meditation is that key you are looking for.

Often during meditation I will find the answers I am searching for within. When there is a question I need answered I will start my practice by asking, then becoming quiet and still to listen. In addition, meditation is a fantastic way to spark your inner creativity. Walking away from my meditation practice, I feel kinder, more loving- to myself, to my loved ones, to everyone.

Meditation works best as a daily habit. It takes practice to center yourself and to get what you are hoping for out of it. 10 minutes each day is enough time to nurture your meditation practice.

Personally, I love soothing music without words playing in the background while I meditate. Soundscapes are my music of choice. The dancing light of a fire is also nice if available, but not a necessity. All you really need is yourself and an open heart. Allow your heart to be refilled with light. You can even imagine that process happening within you if it helps to clear your mind. Commit to doing meditation daily for 30 days so that it truly becomes a habit, and so you give yourself enough time to learn from within what meditation is really all about.

Even though meditation is the gift I wish I could give you, it is a gift only you can give yourself.

You deserve it!

Meditation is the key to your authentic self.


With love, my friends

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