11 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars
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11 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars

We all have them in our home.  Glass jars, whether it be jars of spaghetti sauce or canning jars, we have them and feel guilty about throwing them out.  But what can we use them for?  Here are a few ideas.  If you have more, please press the comment button at the bottom and add your ideas.

Containers for Homemade Gifts

This is probably the most common use.  Many of us have probably received “mixes in a jar”.  There are even books dedicated to recipes just for jars.  You can aos use jars for dried beans, pasta, candy, popcorn, dried fruits, hot chocolate mix, and many items that come in plastic bags that are not resealable.

Decorative Storage

How pretty a jar with decorative Indian corn, marbles, buttons, sea shells, beads or stones would look.

Containers for Bathrooms

You can put cotton swabs, cotton balls, bubble bath, colored soaps and Epsom salts in them.

Containers for Kitchens

A jar could be a wooden spoon holder, a match holder, a silverware holder when entertaining and much more!

Keepsake Jar

Save your children’s small treasures.  Give the jar to your kids when they are older.  They will love to see these “tiny treasures” from their past.

Containers for Offices

You can put rubber bands, paper clips, pens and pencils in a jar.

Containers for Kids

Wrangle in their crayons, hair ties, small amounts of Legos and so much more!


I know these are not as popular as they used to, but why not bring them back.  Plant a few small plants and put the lid on.  Once you water it once, you should not have to do it again,  If vapors cloud the insude, remove the top for a day.


Fill a jar partway with sand and place a small candle in the sand.  Replace the top to put the candle out.  Great for outdoor use.

Spare Change Jar

Put all that spare change in a jar and then you can see how much you are saving!

Scene Jar

You can lay a jar on its side and decorate the inside with any type of theme, such as a bird’s nest or a beach scene.

I hope this list helps you think twice before yo throw out another glass jar.


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