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An Open Letter To Lindsay Lohan

Dear Lindsay,

It was around the year 2001. I was flipping the TV channels in bed and accidentally stumbled upon a movie. I had always loved Dennis Quaid, so I was curious as to why I hadn’t seen this particular one. There you were. Your sweet face. The Parent Trap. How charming, and lovely, and beautiful, and sweet and innocent. I remember thinking, “Who is this girl? She’s such an incredible actress.”

The truth is, I have followed your career since. I have always been fascinated by you. Your beautiful smile, your perfect nose, your gorgeous red hair. A face like an angel. I then saw you again in Mean Girls. I can’t believe I actually watched that movie, but that’s a whole other story. But when I really took notice of you as a true great actress of our generation was in Georgia Rule. I LOVED that movie. How disturbing, how intense, how thought provoking. You were captivating in that film.

And so, over the years, I have watched your rise and fall, your dramas and antics, your rocky relationships with both men and women. We all have. You’ve done it all in the public eye. And the reason why I reserved today’s Blog for you, was, I tweeted something simple out this morning, and got an influx of returned tweets. I hadn’t even asked a question. I simply made a statement… EOnline tweeted out the following: “Can Lindsay Lohan ever come back?” What an interesting question. Well I tweeted back to them, a simple answer obviously. You know Twitter… we only have 140 characters! My answer was  “I hope so. I think she’s so talented. She had no guidance & nurturing.” That simple. And all of a sudden, after I got out of yoga class, tons of messages. “I agree with you 100%” or “You’re right. Look at her parents, I hope she comes out a better person” or “I AGREE W U! Lindsay had SO MUCH potential, was very beautiful & extremely talented.” Anyhow, there were tons more, and emails as well.

And I realized I wasn’t alone in my support of you. I didn’t know how many people are rooting for your recovery.  I thought most of the public thought of you as a fucked up alcoholic or drug addict, or party animal, or someone with an OCD, or whatever. But the truth is, there are so many people out there, like me, who want to see you rise again. And while I may not be a doctor, or a Phd, or even Dr. Drew for that matter, I am, I think, in tuned with the human spirit. And when someone attacks someone for bad behavior, my internal instincts are to look beyond their behavior. I feel that we as human beings, do not act out if we are not troubled inside. We don’t look outside ourselves for external adulation when we have inner peace and happiness. And I think it’s really difficult to manifest as human beings if we aren’t nurtured, and hugged, and given unconditional love. When you have parents with hidden agendas, or abusive ways, or toxic behavior, it takes a village to bring one over to the other side. I don’t think you had that village to take you over to the good side. I honestly think you had freeloading, blood sucking, mooches swirming your head. And I think it’s all taken its toll.


So, the point of my Blog on this Friday, is to tell you, I pray for you. I pray for your recovery. And while I do agree with one of the emails I received today about your jail sentence, which said, “Unfortunately, sometimes it takes the fall to make a change,” I hope you don’t stay stuck at that bottom for too long. My Blog is called Women On The Fence… for women who have had their asses stuck to the fence for too long, and need to make a change in their life. I hope that you get the help you need to get off the fence, once and for all, and improve. I don’t think it’s your parents, or your siblings, or obviously anyone in your current surroundings. I have no idea who that person or persons may be, but it would be the biggest waste for us as a society to lose a talent like yourself. I hope one day you will be the role model, the example, of someone who turned their life around, and then in turn, can help others. And while I know you’re not there yet, I have confidence you will be. You need to believe in yourself the way I realized today, so many people do.

Understand that these people are rooting for you. Now you need to root for yourself. You can do this, Lindsay. You need a helping hand from someone with the right intentions. I hope you find it.

I wish you health, happiness, peace and transformation.

Erica Diamond


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