Time Saving Tips and Tricks for Moms
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Time Saving Tips and Tricks for Moms

Who wouldn’t love some time saving tips?? Personally, I am always looking for ways to save time and become a bit more efficient. We are all so much busier nowadays, with more and more on our plates, that some things simply fall through the cracks. But you can make some small changes in your life that will go a long way.

Structure and consistency really seem to help me. When I maintain some structure for certain tasks it alleviates wasting time.

For instance, every week my family cleans our entire house on Sunday mornings. We all have our specific chores and it gets done fairly quickly. Knowing this is when cleaning gets done alleviates me worrying about it during the week or spending time here and there throughout the week cleaning bits at a time. This way I spend time doing other important tasks without worrying that this one will get done.

Here are some new methods for saving time that could work for you and your family:

Meal Saving Tip

OK, how many of you stress about meals everyday? I know I used to spend a lot of time worry about what we were going to have for dinner ever night. It gets even harder as your kids get older and you have sports, homework and other extracurricular activities.

One tip is to have sandwich night. Pick a night every week that you can have a casual meal of sandwiches and fruit. Everyone can prepare their own sandwich and keep it simple. Another tip is to get kids involved in meal prep. Have each child (depending on age) pick a night every week that they choose the meal and write the ingredients needed on the shopping list. This adds to variety and you know your kids will really enjoy at least one meal a week.

Double Duty Bathroom/Trash Bin

Here is a fun tip. Once a week empty your garbage can in the bathroom, rinse it in the tub and fill it with white vinegar and water. Wash your floors and then put a liner back in the trash can. You now have clean floors and a clean garbage can.

Keep an Ongoing Shopping List

This is a big hassle for a lot of families. Someone uses the last of the milk and forgets to write it on the shopping list. Or you think of something you need, forget to write it down and then someone goes to the store and doesn’t get everything needed.

Keep a shopping list on the refrigerator and make sure everyone knows to write things down as needed. There are also great apps you can download that alert everyone on their phone the ongoing list, so nothing is ever forgotten.

Good luck everyone!! Hope you have a meaningful and productive week!

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