Deep Breathing Technique to Induce Calm
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Deep Breathing Technique to Induce Calm


When I can feel myself getting worked up inside, I take a deep breath and repeat a mantra.


Breathe in Love (as you breathe in deeply)

Breathe out Anxiety (as you exhale slowly)


You can replace the word anxiety with stress, frustration, anger, sadness or whatever you are feeling in the moment.

Doing this breathing technique really helps calm and soothe me. This act of consciousness allows love into your body, while releasing and letting go of the stress. There are some days I practice this breathing technique many times.

The benefits of deep breathing have been documented numerous times. Incorporating a few mental words into the breath helps me to clear my mind. The next time the morning routine, or work, or the kids are stressing you out, try calming yourself by taking a few deep breaths while repeating the mantra. It only takes a few breaths to make a big difference.


What techniques help calm you when you’re feeling stressed?

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