My Shower Drama
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My Shower Drama

I was alone (it really does happen once in a while!) taking a shower.  My son came bursting through the door shouting “There is a robber, there is a robber!” Visions of some guy at my window started flashing through my head. I thought I heard him correctly but I wanted to be sure, so I quickly turned off the water, and in my stylish pink shower cap asked him “Are you serious?”

“Yeah Mom, there is a robber outside.” Something was amiss, his body language and tone was one of excitement and joy, not fear. I did what any Mom would do when talking seriously with a young child, I got specific. “You’re telling me there is a person outside? Where, the window?”

“No Mom! A bird.” I sighed a breath of relief.

“You mean a robin, not a robber,” I said.

“Yeah, I forgot what they are called,” said my little guy.

“Remember son, the red, red robin goes bob, bob, bobbing along.”

My son leaves the bathroom. I turn the water back on. Now I’m back to relaxing and thinking about birds singing a chorus outside my window.

2 seconds later the door pounds open again…

“Mom! Mom! Now I see two robbers outside.”

Guess he forgot what they were called again. Only this time I’m not worried and sing the word robin to him.


*Note – This is nothing more than a typical shower in the life of a Mom.

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