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Exercise and Body Image

I took a break from my normal workout routines. A few years back, after Lola was born I invested in a Pilates machine and it was so convenient with two babies to workout at home. I loved it. Recently, I’m doing some work on my house and have stored that machine. I started taking Pilates classes, dance classes and bar method classes. I would alternate these classes to mix it up. The classes were actually really fun especially when my friends would go too.

Well…those classes didn’t last long, at least being consistent with them. I’ve been thin my whole life, although I did gain 10-15 lbs when my mom passed away two years ago. TMZ was so kind to point that out with a lovely photo!! I was humiliated because well it was true I did gain weight although I did just lose my mom, and I’m known a lot for my body being fit especially after having my girls I went back down to my previous weight with no problem. My goal after pregnancy was always to get back in those jeans!! I lost weight quickly after giving birth, I was lucky because it came off pretty fast, but I still had to workout to not be jiggly and fit in my goal jeans. That weight came off faster than the 10-15 lbs. I didn’t even realize how much I gained until I saw those photos and my jeans went up two sizes.

It’s not a terrible amount but for my body even 5lbs you see on my frame. My whole family was naturally thin; my dad wears the same size jeans he wore in high school. It’s crazy, in Los Angeles everyone tells my dad he looks fantastic in Illinois (where I’m from) they say he looks sick. So I do know body image may not be the healthiest in LA. And even though I’ve inherited those genes, I still have to work hard to keep everything firm and if I don’t, I do see it with the way my clothes fit. I got the extra weight off by jumping into a strict workout routine. I didn’t change much with my diet I eat pretty healthy as it is (everything in moderation). It was the first time I understood when you can put on emotional weight, my mom passing away was devastating and I didn’t realize how much it affected me emotionally and physically (that will be another blog!) Back to my classes, the problem with those fun classes was the timing, it was getting to the point I couldn’t do anything else but take the kids to school, do the class (because some are far away) and pick the kids up. Well I have a lot of meetings and after the holidays those meetings got busier, and I filmed a movie, and now I haven’t worked out in awhile. I started to notice a difference (not a good one) in my body by not being consistent, those jeans ain’t fitting. 

I don’t starve myself and I never talk about exercising to keep the weight down with my girls, I talk to them about it making me strong and healthy. The benefits I see with having a good routine are great both physically and mentally. I love the feeling after a good workout, I feel awesome – a great way to start my day. My energy is so high I feel like I can do anything. Physically I kinda like things firm! I do. Especially living in California, my daily wardrobe in the summer is a tank top and shorts , in the winter tank top and jeans and I’m in a bathing suit a lot in the summer. My body isn’t perfect and I have many flaws but exercising makes me feel good. Well… this week I got the darn pilates machine out of storage and put it right in my office until my house is finished. Not much room, but I don’t care it will do!! I was actually so happy to see it! I have now committed to working out 4-5 days a week BUT to be consistent, I have to do it before taking the girls to school which means I’m working out at 5:30 am! It’s perfect for me, sounds crazy but it is…

I workout 5:30-6:30 wake the girls up right after and get them ready for school and start my day feeling great. Gone is my excuse of I don’t have time…I made time, yes, at a very early hour. To be honest on school days I get up at 5:30 anyway, now I’m just getting up 45min earlier which isn’t that bad. For other mommies who want to make time, it doesn’t need to be a pilates machine, it can be DVD’s, stretching, mat workouts anything to get the body moving. I actually like that peaceful hour. My kids are still sleeping and my phone is not ringing…Might be crazy but that hour works for me…and soon I’ll be back in those jeans!!!!!

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