Why Drinking Water Is More Important Than You Think
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Why Drinking Water Is More Important Than You Think

Moms have a big health challenge these days. Between the latest sugared beverages and the tempting bubbly sodas, it’s hard to convince your kids (and yourself!) to drink water. But the benefits of staying hydrated with pure, clean water are endless. Here’s why you should make an effort to commit to a healthy lifestyle and drink water. If you lead by example, your family might just follow suit. We’ve also included some great tips to make drinking water throughout the day easy!

Staying well hydrated helps physical and mental performance

Water makes up a great percentage of our body- about 50% in females and 60% in males. Keeping well hydrated helps maintain alertness, concentration and physical performance in adults. Needless to say, it’s important you stay hydrated in order to keep your body functioning properly.  Every cell, organ and tissue in our body needs water! Drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated helps maintain physical performance by helping sustain physical endurance and strength. The quantity of water you need depends on your height, weight, age and other factors, but in general experts say a sedentary adult in temperate conditions should drink 1.5L of water a day.

Drinking water prevents dehydration

It may seem obvious, but water is a great way to ward off dehydration, especially during the hot summer months.  Mild dehydration can occur when you lose just one liter of water! You lose water by sweating, urinating and even breathing. Some dehydration symptoms include dry mouth, fatigue, headache, dizziness, darker than usual urine and extreme thirst. Don’t wait until you’re dehydrated to drink water! Prevention is the best method. When you’re dehydrated, your body doesn’t function properly.

Water is nature’s way to stay hydrated without calories

You probably already know that water helps flush toxins from the body.  But did you know that it also helps keep your body at the right temperature? And that it lubricates and cushions the joints and protects sensitive tissue from shock?  Like oxygen, water is one of the most important needs of the human body.  And it has no calories – it’s pure refreshment that quenches your thirst and replenishes the body without sweeteners or caffeine.

It’s simple: water tastes good 

There’s nothing better when you are thirsty than an ice-cold sip of water. It’s crisp, healthy and it makes you feel good. So drink up!

ModernMom tips to drink more water throughout the day:

1. Always carry water with you. Whether you are driving the carpool, getting your hair done, carting the kids to the doctor’s office- always have a bottle in hand. It’s super-easy to grab a bottle on the way out of the house. Throw it in your purse for easy access.

2. Keep extra water in a cooler in the car. Then it’s one less thing you have to remember. The bottles will be there for next time. And you’ll always have some for little Suzie’s soccer practice.

3. Always keep water on your desk. Are you at the office all day? Keep water at an arm’s reach. If it’s right in front of you, trust us, you’ll drink it. But if you have to get up and walk somewhere- you’re less likely to sip throughout the day.

4. Throw a little flavor in your H2O. While plain water is delicious and refreshing, you might want to spice up your water at the end of the day. Try adding a splash of your favorite fruit to your water. Add the classic lemon, or try cucumber, strawberry, watermelon or lime! Yum!

5. Drink water when you go out to eat. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but there’s an extra perk- it’s calorie-free!

Want to learn more about staying hydrated? Check out our video on smart hydration choices for healthy kids:

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