Beauty Expert Mickey Williams Shares Tips For Luscious Lips
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Beauty Expert Mickey Williams Shares Tips For Luscious Lips

Mickey Williams is an internationally renowned makeup artist and hairstylist with quite an impressive resume – throughout her career, she’s worked with celebrity clients, top fashion houses, major cosmetic brands like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder, and even served as the beauty editor for

Seriously – this is lady who knows her way around lipstick.

So we jumped at the chance to pick her brain, and ask her a few questions (submitted by ModernMom readers via Facebook). Below, Mickey shares beauty tips for luscious lips, new make-up trends for fall, and even lets us in on her own most embarrassing grooming habit!

What’s the best way for busy moms to keep their beauty routines quick and easy?

Find products that multi-task! It is essential for skin care. My favorites include any cream that addresses sunscreen, anti-aging and is packed with anti-oxidants.

What’s your best beauty trick?

Honestly, it’s something as simple as whitening my teeth. It takes years off of my appearance and it’s as simple to do as just brushing your teeth and using a mouthwash. My favorite combo is Rembrandt Deeply White.

Let’s talk lips: what’s the best way to keep them healthy and full?

Use a product that delivers moisture to the surface of lips but also penetrates and hydrates into the lips. My absolute favorites are by Blistex. I use them on every single client I work with. Deep Renewal works as an anti-aging lip treatment with hyalluronic acid and coenzyme q-10 for moisture with an added SPF 15.

Blistex also launches their Revive and Restore Lip treatment in October which will be a big buzz for lips in the beauty sphere. It has two formulas in  two containers that lock together. Revive has SPF, anti-oxidants and amazing moisture with a Shea Butter base. The Restore formula has Phytonutrients for maximum renewal and a thicker base for when lips are on the rougher side or need the extra shot of moisture. Best of all, the formulas can be worn over and under lipstick which is why they will be constants in my make-up kit.

Any tips and tricks to avoid chapped lips when the weather gets colder?

Put a formula like Blistex’ Restore by your alarm clock. When you set your alarm clock you will be reminded to give lips a healthy coat.

What are some your favorite makeup looks for Fall?

I have always loved big hair, bold eyes and a strong, rich-hued lip. Fortunately, these are the trends for fall, so I’m very excited about that!

What are some of your favorite celebrity makeup looks?

I met Salma Hayek last week, and I must say she has a natural beauty that is only enhanced with the lightest touch of makeup. I also think Adele has a beautiful retro look to her hair and makeup that seems to be soft-focused and always perfect.

When did you first become interested in makeup and beauty?

As a child, I stole my mother’s makeup and wore it to kindergarten. Once she caught on, I would bury it in the back yard rather than it be taken away. It was an obsession from a young age, and it only got stronger as I moved into adulthood. There wasn’t a chance that I would follow any other path.

What are some hair or makeup products you couldn’t live without?

Elnett Hairspray makes styling as an artist easy and you can change the styles by simply brushing out the spray and creating the next look. I try out so many different shampoos and conditioners that my shower looks like salon. Right now I am using Salma Hayek’s Nuance Quinoa Smooth and Shine Collection and I am loving it. For makeup, I haven’t been able to find a better eyeliner than Physicians Formula Eye Booster.

What’s your most embarrassing grooming habit?

Dying my eyebrows back to their original color after I bleach them too light. It happens nearly every season.

What’s your personal beauty philosophy?

There are no rules in beauty. There is no right way or wrong way to do or apply something. No specific color you cannot wear. NO RULES. As long as you feel confident and beautiful before you walk out the door each day, that is all that matters. Makeup can influence this, but what’s inside plays a bigger role.

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