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Guilty Pleasure #121 – The Power Nap

My guilty pleasure #121 is napping, which falls closely behind #120 – sleeping.  Actually they are higher on the list than that and I don’t really have 120+ guilty pleasures but it sounds more exciting to me if I do. 

There used to be nothing better to me than dozing off on the couch on a Saturday afternoon after a busy week at work, under a nice cozy blanket and falling into that really deep sleep that leaves you waking up confused as to what day it is.  There are two kinds of naps: the ones that can go too long and you really should probably just go to bed and forget about going out that night; or the best kind, the 40 minute power nap that really does totally refresh you and give you a little boost to keep going.

There are so many positive health benefits to sleeping including maintaining a healthy weight, helping fight against heart disease, and looking better, since you won’t have black circles under your eyes.  I could go on and on in defense of my sleep because it really is one of my strengths.  I have always been able to fall asleep without issue and I credit that to my parents who would never let us get out of bed if we couldn’t sleep, we had to just lie quietly and rest until we could fall asleep, it was so annoying to me as a kid but has paid off in spades.

My kids are 2 ½ and 15 mos and I’m working on training them to be good sleepers too, of course for their own benefit but I also have my own stake in this.  I’ve finally got it worked out so they both take their afternoon nap at the same time which allows me to finally partake in guilty pleasure #121 – it has been a long time coming. 

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