Dear Daughter…
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Dear Daughter…

My 5am alarm clock jolts me to consciousness with a sharp noise 
I sprint with a bottle sloshing around and then I grab some toys 

When you scream so loud others run away and flee
But I’m here listening trying to appear as calm as can be 

You need my arms for hours a day to make you feel safe 
My muscles have grown to body builder proportions – I can take down any waif 

You’ve turned my nights into a long continuation of my days
I can find any Starbucks with my eyes closed like a mouse in a maze 

What a gift it is that when the world is too much to bear 
You seek solace by nuzzling in my hair 

If you need my half to be whole
Here I am, just please don’t scratch off my mole 


Miriam Levine is a freelance writer based in New York City and the Founder and Managing Editor of You can find my previously published work here.