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Salty Salvation

We all know that taking baths once in a while in addition to our usual showers feels great on our bodies, soothes our souls, and is good for your internal systems. 

Why don’t we take time for baths more often?  The same reason that we don’t do a lot of things that we know are good for us more often…we don’t justify prioritizing the time for it unless it becomes critical.  This is not the point of blog entry however.

The point is to remind you more specifically why salt baths are so good.

1) When you take a sea salt bath, the salt minerals penetrate your skin in the form of ions. This stimulation causes natural cell growth in your living cell layers. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body’s energy flow will be activated.

2) The detoxifying effect of a sea salt bath can be compared to a 3-day fast.

3) Since salt is also a disinfectant, more then once person can use the same water.

4)Salt baths help us stave off full blown colds and flu virus’

To get the full benefits of a therapeutic salt bath, a high salt concentration is preferable. Ideally you would like 1.28 oz of salt per gallon of water (most bathtubs hold 27-32 gallons= 2.6 pounds of salt. 

Stay in for 20-30 min.

After you get out of the bath, let yourself air dry for 10-30 minutes (the longer the better but anything is good).

Don’t let living up to these numbers stop you.  Any salt bath is going to give you great benefits.  If you only use 1/2 lb to 1 lb of salt per bath and only stay in for 15 minutes you’ll still get AMAZING benefits-honestly. 

I feel so great that taking at least one salt bath a week has become a habit and no longer a negotiable decision. 

You can get sea salts or Epsom salts at vitamin stores, Whole Foods (other stores like it), drugstores, online, and other spiritual or skin/bath product stores. 

Try not to set yourself up by thinking that you have to add this to your weekly routine.  Just take one bath.  Then sometime, take another bath and so on…





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