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Fit and Cultural Family Weekend

Now that the holidays are behind us (waaaay behind us) and we have our groove back, we may have let the warm family feeling of the holidays fade as well. This weekend, let’s make an effort to re-kindle the family feeling with some fitness and some art.


First, if you have a mate-get him or her on board.


Second, plan your outing.

=If you have kids under 5, plan on bringing the stroller. An outing to a museum is a great way to get in plenty of family walking as well as see some wonderful and inspiring things.

=If you are lucky enough to have snow on the ground, plan an outdoor adventure and bundle up.

= A mall walk finishing with a movie is also a good way to burn cals and spend time with the family. Keep everyone at a brisk pace and make it about fun, focus, and results.


Finally, talk about your mission with your family. Kids want to feel fit and happy just like us grown-ups. They are proud of their fit families, the time spent together (except maybe teenagers) and like all human beings-truly enjoy bonding over something meaningful.

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