Why You Should Take Time Off (Guilt-Free!)
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Why You Should Take Time Off (Guilt-Free!)

The American way is to work hard, work long hours and take little vacation, but are we really happy? All around us we see evidence of the health consequences of overworking. As a country, we’re stressed out and full of anxiety. Our bodies are reflecting our emotional well-being.

It is time to bring balance and joy back into our lives. It is our divine right to enjoy our time on earth, but only we can make that happen. Doing work that you are passionate about is vital, and so is down time, and making memories with the ones we love. Taking time off gives us the opportunity to be fully present and enjoy life in a way that work cannot provide.

We’ve taught ourselves that working all the time is the only way to get ahead, but what if we’re chasing the wrong dream and our happiness is sacrificed?

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What is your view on time off? Is it essential to your happiness? Are you overworked? Do you feel guilty about taking time off?

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 Wendy Irene

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