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Veggie Thursday: Red Carpet Season

Here we are at the beginning of Red Carpet Season. This is a very busy time of year for my starlets. When it comes down to looking great on the Red Carpet (or anywhere) the first order of business is posture. Having great posture is the first thing someone will notice about you, the tone is set from there.


Good posture begins with keeping your shoulders down (as if they were in your back pocket, your chin slightly up, your breastbone lifted and your stomach lightly pulled in.


The hardest part about getting back to good posture is remembering to hold yourself up in the way that I have described.  Practice by straightening up and standing tall every time you walk into a room or come in contact with someone. After a few days of this is should become a natural habit.


This postural improvement is one of the easiest and fastest positive wellness changes you can make for yourself.


This week for Veggie Thursday let’s seek out “hearts of palm.”  What are “hearts of palm” anyway? This vegetable is the center core of a palm tree. Although some harvesting of palm heart is done in the wild (Ecuador and Brazil) most palm hearts come from domestic farms that raise peach palms to harvest as they have many as 40 stems to a plant and the plant lives on after the harvesting.


Hearts of palm have no cholesterol; have excellent fiber content, hardly any fat content, and are low in calories. They also add great texture to salads or can be made into a dip.


So this weekend, sit/stand up tall while you eat your hearts of palm and enjoy other people complimenting you on your excellent posture :o)


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