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A Woman's Monthly Period – From A Man's Perspective

Ladies, I have decided to shake things up a little. We will now have a new ANONYMOUS MALE Guest Blogger who will show up every so often on this blog. His goal is to explain to us ladies, from a man’s perspective, that men too sit on the fence with many issues. I wanted him to tell us about his life as a great hands-on single dad raising three beautiful kids, and the fence issues that arise for him, but he didn’t want to do it that way. Instead, he wanted to kick off post #1 with another light-hearted point of view.

Here he is, our first MAN ON THE FENCE:

By Male Guest Blogger, Mr. Anonymous

I have been reading your blog, and wandering around the fence for several weeks now, and think there ought to be a male perspective. I will attempt to make my perspective as poignant as possible, so check back for my next guest appearance! Some of the topics I will blog about most women may be unaware of or simply don’t care that they exist in a man’s world. But to us they matter, so therefore, they should matter to you too. :)

For my very first blog post, I thought the subject of a woman’s monthly period would be an ideal subject to tackle. From the time we are little boys, through to teens, then onto adulthood, this issue arises forever, and it’s haunting! Whether it’s your mother, sister, spouse, teacher, nanny or doctor, periods are all over the place! However, to the young male mind, the concept and notion of a period is completely foreign and revolting. It’s amazing how inundated the man’s world has become because of this famous monthly period.

PMS--C10285280.jpg image by lanovsky

Everything from “misunderstandings” to irrational behaviour for weeks on end, through to sex, and indeed verbal abuse, can all be blamed on this miracle of humanity. Forget the physical attributes of this issue (blech), the emotional roller coaster us men have to endure during this time, is truly remarkable. Our life revolves around your periods, women! If we are lucky enough to have a week that is period free, sex is possibly great, laughter can fill the home, and a romantic dinner can actually be romantic!

While women feel the compulsion to extol the virtues of their periods, men tremble in fear as to what those five or eight days will be like. We don’t require the announcement to know it’s coming either. When you anticipate the time arriving, make a concerted effort to be in touch with your soul, and think of your role in trying to make your home a better place for your family. Accept that this gift from God comes with strings (no pun intended!) and that you must share and bear the burden of being responsible for your actions. All too often blame is laid on this famous “period” for all of your actions. I even once read that a woman got off for murder because it was blamed on her period! Come on!

Sure there is a surge of emotions, hormones and changes taking place. We men know this is a physiological response. However, doing your best to “keep the ship steady as she goes” is critical to ensuring your family is not subjected to the highs and lows of your special time. All too often the irrational actions during such a time lead to irrational reactions from all who are involved.

To summarize; Love your period, but love it without the rest of the world being forced to love it for you!  If you take a moment to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’d want to be around someone like this when they are in this state of mind, and the answer is ”no,” you have some work to do.


Man On The Fence, Mr. Anonymous



Ladies, do you hate him or love him? Have you learned anything? Give our Man On The Fence some feedback. What topics would you like to see covered from a male perspective? Type away…

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