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The One Thought That Could Change Your Life

“You are always only one choice away from changing your life.” Mary Blochowiak

I came across this quote yesterday in an email and I have to say, it has changed me. Just imagine. Think about this concept. You are one choice away from changing your entire life’s direction. ONE CHOICE. If you reflect upon your life, you’ve come to where you are through a series of choices, no doubt. But each one of our long and windy paths started with one choice. A single choice. And if this concept seems too abstract, let me give you an example very apropos to this week…. You are on a business trip, sitting at the bar in a strange country. A man propositions you to go up to his room. Your answer at that moment, that yes or no, that ONE CHOICE, could change your life.

So, now that you see the power of one choice, what would your life-changing choice be? Think then about how in control you are of your life. Powerful stuff. So what this means in essence, is one choice, just one, can change your life forever. Your life up until today is a result of a series of choices you have made. But the person you will be tomorrow, is still up to you, in your hands. With NEW CHOICES, you can actually change your path, change your direction. And you can do that today, April 15th, 2010.  How incredibly encouraging. How hopeful and optimistic for the future, regardless of where you’ve come from. That means that should you be a struggling alcoholic for the past 25 years, your one decision today to stop drinking, could change your entire path.

Now, I know you are saying, I’m very set in my ways, how could ONE CHOICE change my life entirely? But just think about it before you diss the concept. Your life-changing choice may be to leave an unhappy or abusive marriage, quit your job, break up with a toxic friend, lose 25 pounds, start a charity, or quit smoking. If you take a moment, reflect, and then put your choice into action, you have the power to change your life for the better. Or better yet, maybe it’s another kind of choice. Maybe it’s a choice right here, right now, to adopt a positive attitude in life and refuse to see your glass as half empty. Maybe it’s a decision today to be intimate with your partner at least once a week NO MATTER WHAT to keep the passion alive and stay connected. Maybe it’s a choice to stop yelling at home. Imagine how ONE CHOICE can change your life.

I read that the authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul received 77 rejections for their book idea. With each rejection came a choice…. to give up, or keep plugging away and chase their dreams. Well, you know what happened on the 78th try… 100 millions books later. Or what about JK Rowlings? How many rejections did she receive before her Harry Potter Series literally changed her life? Or better, Colonel Sanders went to over 1,000 people trying to sell his chicken recipe before he found a buyer interested in that extremely fattening but yummy chicken recipe (I actually prefer the green creamy cole slaw) and then 7 years later, AT THE AGE OF 75, sold his company for $15,000,000.00. These people made ONE MORE CHOICE to persevere. They went the extra 1 mile.

So if there is anything I want you ladies to take away from today’s Blog post, it’s to never forget that you are only one choice away from changing your life and living that life with purpose. What’s your choice gonna be? Write it right here, right now.



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