Travel Survival Skills for Car Trips With Kids
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Travel Survival Skills for Car Trips With Kids

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We’ve all been there. Cars, trains and airplanes can be quite the match for a parent’s patience level. But with a little bit of planning ahead and some critical supplies, you can conquer Are we there yet? syndrome and sit back to enjoy the ride.

1. Entertainment

You’ll definitely want to make sure that you have books, games and electronics packed for entertainment during long rides. A Kindle Paperwhite loaded up with books for different family members will save you a lot of room when packing (and big fines if you leave library books in a hotel). And, unlike tablets it has no screen glare, even in bright sunlight in the car or sitting out by the pool when you finally reach your destination.

There are plenty of family-friendly games and apps available for handheld devices. Just throw some fun educational games in for good measure and have yourself a party. Download movies on your iPad or tablet before you leave. And for kids who tend to get motion sickness, a great playlist on your iPhone or iPad will help them pass the time. Don’t forget the headphones (you’ll thank me later).

2. Rations

Packing the right snacks can definitely make for a positive voyage. Keep the options mess-free and healthy to fight off fatigue and grumpiness. Need some inspiration? We’ve got tons of yummy options on this list of Kid (and Mom) Approved Snacks.

Remember to bring plenty of water – staying properly hydrated while traveling can be hard! Tip: If you’re traveling via car, a portable cooler is a good idea.

3. Supplies

A makeshift survival kit will help your sanity and keep you and your kids as happy as possible. Here’s our list of must haves:

  • Cleanup wipes
  • Q-Tips
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Band-Aids/First-aid kit
  • Tylenol
  • Sunscreen
  • Safety pins
  • Extra clothes, in case of any accidental spills
  • Portable GPS or maps
  • Empty plastic bags, for any trash

4. Family Games

Looking for ways to pass the time? Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner child with creative games that are fun for the whole family. You’ll probably also end up with a ton of inside jokes.  I Spy somehow never manages to get old and is great for kids of all ages. The license plate game is fun – just make sure you have a printed list of all 50 states so you can cross them off as you see them. If you want to try a tech-savvy version, download a license plate game app for your mobile device to easily keep score.

Who says that piling into the car for a long drive can’t be fun? With these tips, you might have such a blast that you start planning your next road trip!


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