Emily Green Imagination Mat
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Emily Green Imagination Mat

Cute, durable placemats make meal time more fun for kids.   I’m hungry!  It is hard for little ones to wait for meals to be served at the table. What if you place an adorable, colorful placemat in front of your child?  This will keep their eyes busy while dinner is being served.

Emily Green’s Imagination Mats feature Emily’s whimsical paintings on exclusive recycled vintage fabrics. Each 11″x17″ mat is produced here in the United States one at a time and then hand laminated.

The back of each imagination mat is a unique white laminated canvas where kids are encouraged to imagine, color, and draw. Imagination mats are great for mealtime, play dough, cookie decorating, practicing the alphabet or anything else you can imagine!  Just use washable markers and simply run under the faucet to clean.  The mat makes a great gift too.

$13 at Amazon.com

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