Swimming Exercises for Kids
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Swimming Exercises for Kids

If your kids love to swim, you can help them fall in love with exercise through swimming workouts. Kids can get an aerobic workout while toning their muscles. Swimming is a low-impact workout that kids can enjoy with friends. After a few hours in the pool, your kids will be tuckered out, hardly noticing that they were working out.

Make It Fun

Kids can get a great workout without even knowing. Races force your kids to swim laps, but add a competitive side. When you have a pool full of kids, see who can swim from one end to the other fastest. Add some challenges. See who can swim breast stroke or butterfly. Have kids choose their favorite animal and see if they can swim like that animal.


If your kids need to work on a particular stroke or style, challenge them to do some drills. Ask them to show you their breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly stroke. Ask them to swim with one hand, with their legs crossed or breathing on both sides to practice certain techniques. If your kids are on a swim team, ask their coach which drills would be best. Also look at coaching websites or books for some ideas.


Kids need to have a swimsuit and goggles for swimming exercises. Kick boards, to help with kicking techniques, and pull buoys, to help with arm strokes, are also useful. Diving toys encourage kids to swim to the other end of the pool and swim to the bottom of the pool.


While swimming can be such as healthy workout for kids, it can be risky if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Always stay with your children when they are working out in the pool. Although competition can make swimming even more fun, make sure kids don’t push on each other while trying to win.

Get Involved

Swimming is an ideal activity for the whole family. When your kids hop into the pool for their swimming exercises, join them. You can swim laps together. You can race each other and teach one another new techniques. Serve as an example for your kids by working out with them.

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