10 Great Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Gifts
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10 Great Ideas for End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Teachers – for much of the day, they are the center of your child’s life. So of course, you want to give him or her a creative gift from the class that they’re sure to remember all summer.

But we all know how busy the mad sprint to the finish of the school year is, and if you don’t have the time to dream up something fabulous, don’t fret!

We have 10 fabulously inspired end of the school year gifts that are perfect for any teacher on your list!

1. You’re Out of This World!

Name a star in honor of your teacher, include a gift card to a home décor store so your teacher can decorate their “space,” and wrap their gifts with paper maps.

2. You’ve Got it Down to a “Tea”

Gift your teacher with a reusable travel mug, top gourmet teas or a gift certificate to a local tea shop. Add a summer novel for calm tea worthy evenings.

3. You’ve Helped Us Bloom!

Is your teacher a green thumb?  Gift them with a mini herb garden they can spend the summer months tending and enjoying.  Don’t forget a small garden spade, gloves, and a cute watering can.

4. You Take the Cake

For the sweet tooth teacher, gift them with gourmet truffles and cupcakes or gift cards to their favorite bakery.

5. You’re a Star!

Is your teacher a movie buff?  Grab some quality DVDs, a couple packs of popcorn, soda pop and gourmet candies; gift them with a certificate to the movies.

6. We Love U  a “Latte”  

For the teacher whose a barista at heart, hook him or her up with the good stuff – favorite coffee, a reusable mug, and a gift certificate to a local coffeehouse.

7. You’re One of a Kind

Give your teacher a basket filled with many different, useable gifts like a re-useable tote bag, luxury bath items, gift cards, let your class parents help come up with great ideas!

8. You’re a Shining Light

Wrap up yummy smelling candles, matches, a reading light with a new summer read for the teacher who is the light in your kid’s life!

9. You are the Sunshine of Our Lives

Wrap up several fun magazines with summer ideas, a colorful beach towel and SPF 40 sunscreen so your teacher is ready to soak in the sun as soon as school ends!

10. Oh The Places We’ll Go (Because of You)

Teachers need to get around and they probably wouldn’t turn down a gas gift card for their car!  Get other parents to help you secretly wash the teacher’s car while in class and leave them a “ticket” of appreciation on their windshield.

Enjoy your summer knowing you helped a teacher enjoy theirs!


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