Gak is Back! and More Modern-Day Versions of Familiar Favorites
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Gak is Back! and More Modern-Day Versions of Familiar Favorites

“There is no such thing as old, only retro.”

If you think about all of the products that you loved as a kid that are still kicking around, this design philosophy seems to ring true.

The toys, fashions, and snacks of our youths would be pretty dusty and outdated by now if they remained unchanged… but time marches on, and we’re seeing some considerable upgrades on familiar favorites.

Take Nickelodeon’s (in)famous Gak. The stretchy, squishy – well, we’re not really sure how to describe the goo – was awesomely popular when first introduced in 1992, but it wasn’t without some problems. If you tell us that you never got it stuck in your hair or on your clothing as a child, we know you’re lying. Fortunately, the 2012 version has been reformulated to make “cleanup a cinch.” Commence the rejoicing of mothers everywhere!

Or what about Lunchables? In case you haven’t wandered past your grocery store’s selection of processed deli foods lately, let it be known that the pre-packaged lunches have evolved from dull (but salty) to delish!

We’ve got these products plus tons more toys and trends that have been redesigned or recycled from their original incarnation in order to (re)establish their spots in today’s markets.

Reclaim your childhood with these modern versions of long-time favorites! Here are 12 redesigned updated “oldies” that we love:

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