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Expert Advice About Pregnancy

When you get that positive test result confirming your pregnancy, a million questions are likely to flood your mind. With so many opinions, old wives’ tales and rumors, you may find expert advice to be your best source for answers. Seek out reputable advice and get the information you’ve been seeking.


Experts can provide advice on a variety of subjects. They can help you with physical changes and issues, including morning sickness, backaches and stretch marks. Experts can also offer insight on emotional issues, such as the excitement and anxiety of your growing family or changing body. Some can help with the beginning stages, while others can offer insight on the labor and delivery process. Experts can share advice on exercise, nutrition, nursery planning, lactation and many other pregnancy issues. If you are having a particular issue with your pregnancy, a specialist may offer the advice you need. Ask your doctor for a referral or contact a local specialist if you need assistance.


Experts often come into their role through education. They are often doctors, professors or other educated professionals and academics. Experts also have years of experience with pregnant women. They have watched hundreds, maybe thousands, of women experience pregnancy and birth.


Expert advice from doctors and professionals is often devoid of a relationship with you, clearing it of any emotional swaying from you. Being unbiased and objective, you can trust much of the advice they give. Since they are up on the research and are helping many pregnant women at once, they can give you proven and scientific information.


Expert advice is not always perfect, however. Because it is often disconnected, this advice may not be able to speak to your particular situation. While personal advice from friends and family can be imperfect, it comes from those who know your feelings, history and medical experience.


Expert advice can come from a variety of places. Your doctor can offer expert advice, as can professionals at the hospital. You can also find expert advice in books, articles, online sources and publications. Trusted government websites, such as the USDA, and educational sites can provide specific advice. Local foundations, pregnancy associations and advocacy groups can also provide expert opinions.

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