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A Week of Insanity

I’m starting to think October just really ain’t my month.

So, you all know about the scare we got from our little one a couple of weeks ago.  Well unfortunately, we are just coming off another night visit from the Children’s Hospital. In fact, more like a 1:30AM morning visit, but this time for my six-year-old. Big asthma attack at 11PM last night (he suffers a few times a year from viral induced asthma when he gets a bad cold). Shivering, crying, fever, pains, trouble breathing, shaking, etc…

Sounds Swiney right? That’s what I was thinking too…

Anyhow, long story short, they gave him the nebulizer at the hospital, which helped his breathing right away. He was wheezing and coughing and his breathing was shallow. Top it off with an ear infection. X Ray showed no pneumonia, so he’s on banana medicine for 10 days for his ear. He’s already feeling better this morning. Phew. He’s now eating breakfast in bed, and milking this for all it’s worth!

How are you doing today? Hopefully better than us here!

And there’s more… It’s my sister in law’s wedding this weekend, and my husband’s grandfather was also rushed to the hospital yesterday. In fact, my husband is there now, and I am awaiting news on his condition.  I feel like it’s been one thing after the next. I am hoping and praying for him.  With the wedding a few days away, I don’t even want to go there!

So, let’s move on to some happier times. Yes, there are happy things to report too this week. So, my sister-in-law is getting married this weekend as I mentioned, and I am planning her bachelorette party which kicks off tomorrow night at my house! I can’t say more, just in case she’s reading. Can’t give away the surprise. Should be fun and interesting!!!

The weekend will also be action packed with dinners, out of town guests, the wedding fiestas and great fun. My boys will be walking down the aisle, and their tuxedos and converse running shoes are all set to go. I am an only child and my husband has only this one sister, so “This Is It,” as Michael Jackson would say. At least the pressure is FINALLY OFF of me to give my in-laws more grandchildren. It’s all you sista! Make those babies!!!

Not to mention, I am giving a Sales and Marketing Conference next week for business start ups. Just trying to finish up some last minute details. The event is sold out (couldn’t believe it), so I’m nervous, to say the least. Send me positive vibes, please!

Hockey starts this week. Waxing appointment and groomings for the wedding. A school board meeting, which I can’t even make due to the stagette, two school field trips to the local open-aired market for both children. Yada yada yada…

And, I’m thinking, why all this, all this week? Who knows? I hate being tested. I pray for my husband’s grandfather to witness his last grandchild walk down the aisle this weekend. I pray for no more hospital visits for the two people I live for most in this world, and for NEXT WEEK TO BE BETTER! Amen!

Have a beautiful day, fellow Readers. Please keep reading!



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