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Women-Friendly Porn? Yes, It’s Possible

Looking for some online smut to watch with your partner-in-crime–or just by yourself? Certainly, there’s no shortage of porn, nudity and other X-rated material when you are surfing the web. But what if you are getting bored of seeing the same bleached blond sorority-type with the pierced nipples and boob job getting gang-banged by five douchey-looking bros in some guy’s apartment? 
Not all porn sites are created equal. And contrary to popular belief, not all porn has to be just about some dude getting off on dominating some chick with a spray-on tan. Is it possible that porn can be about celebrating female pleasure, too? 
And contrary to another popular belief, not all males enjoy watching Barbie-doll lookalikes– and actually would prefer to see very real-looking women achieve orgasm on their own without the help of any studly male “professors” or “gynecologists.”
I asked one male acquaintance for his recommendations of non-mainstream, women-friendly porn sites that fit his erotic cup of tea. Coupled with my own internet research, I have found other additional resources for women-friendly porn and other erotic websites that challenge the traditional notions of porn for the heterosexual male gaze–or are still for dudes, but at least look way more interesting. 
Enjoy your smut and celebrate some non-fake human sexuality. And let’s GET IT ON.
BeautifulAgony.Com. Feel completely dirty from head to toe without seeing a single naked body. The premise of Beautiful Agony is very simple: it is an ongoing archive of videos submitted from men and women all over the world, with one format: a single person on camera, shot from the neck up, masturbating himself or herself to complete orgasm. Audio included. No matter what gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, sexuality, body type you like to fantasize about, there’s gotta be something for everyody. Plus, everyone loves a good orgasm! 
IFeelMyself.Com. Just like what the URL says: videos of real women touching themselves. Sexy and inspirational for both men and women, for different reasons.
IShotMyself.Com. With a digital camera, that is. Whether you want to play with your inner naughty exhibitionist, get over your own stupid body image issues, or do an anonymous eff-you to an ex-boyfriend who didn’t like your body, you are invited to post your own anonymous nudie photos of yourself with scores of other women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds who have dared to do the same. Simply fascinating to see the diversity of women from all over the world sharing their naked body with the internet.
Le Chagrin. If only this Tumblr still updated! Beautiful erotic photos of men, women, men and women that look more cinematic than anything else. If “classy porn” existed as an actual genre, this would be it.
Here are other great online resources for women-friendly porn: 
The Women’s Guide To Good Porn from Babeland.com. How not surprising that the most women-friendly sex shop has its own porn guide. Check it out. And also check out Babeland’s highly informative resources and sex products! 
 The Smart Girl’s Guide To Porn. A comprehensive guide of porn, for the female perspective, in book form.

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