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From Malibu to Manhattan > Some Epiphanies for YOU!

 I recently took the Memorial Day weekend off from work. I traveled from the coastal town of Malibu to the island metropolis of Manhattan.  I am sure the kids back in Malibu missed me terribly, or so I like to think.  Most likely the kids had all already lined up their own play dates for the weekend anyway.  Plus, the long weekend away from the kids made it possible for them to have some good quality family time.

     My purpose for going to “The Big Apple” was a mix of pleasure and business. A little vacation away from the daily grind was much needed and much appreciated, to reenergize and refocus.  I have many college friends who have migrated from the West coast to the East coast and I wanted to visit with them and their families over Memorial Day.  My other reason for going to NYC was to visit Parsons School of Design, as I am thinking about applying to their graduate program.  Let me just say this about the program there at Parsons- Parsons is AMAZEBALLS!  I would be obtaining my MFA in Design & Technology with an emphasis on creating an interactive website for parents and kids to teach and entertain.  My idea is still in the works, but I know the general direction I want to take it.

    Anyhow, the time I spent there in the concrete jungle opened my eyes a bit further as to what life in a big city is like.  Kids there have just one gigantic park to play in, Central Park.  Not only where young families enjoying the park, but most of the people I saw running around, playing ball, throwing the frisbee, acting goofy and having fun where adults.  I was so happy to see this all around me.  These adults, most of whom work like machines Monday- Friday, hadn’t lost that very important child like mentality of running around and playing in the park.  I have to say the longest line I saw wasn’t for the public restrooms, but for the ice-cream shack 10 people deep at all times.  9 out of 10 people being adults.  It was a nice site to see.

    Although big city life is much different than suburban life, one reoccurring theme is people like to relax and have fun, which shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone.  The difference is you gotta keep that childlike mentality going, wherever you live.  It keeps you young and it keeps you fun!!!  As I mentioned people love Central Park, but I also noticed many families touring museums and exploring the sites and sounds of the city, something that is easy to do in a city like NY.  Everything from bike rides and boat rides had people smiling.  I know all too often of getting caught up in a routine and feeling a bit stuck, so I listed some things that I did on my trip and am continuing to do now that I am back home.

1.  Get out and get moving in nature, it clears your mind and is good for your body. A bike ride, a game of catch, or a hike is all that it takes.

2.  Explore the sites of the city.  The majority of museums in cities have family days, or family activities that entertain and stimulate your medulla oblongata.  Explore a new neighborhood and everything that it has to offer you and your loved ones.

3.  Feel free to act like a kid.  Feel free to run around and enjoy a popsicle or two, be silly, and smile. Don’t take yourself too seriously these lazy days of summer.

4.  Last but not least, enjoy where you are in life and be present in all that you do!

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I love taking the subway in NYC!

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