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Popular English Baby Names

Even though they share a national language, America and England differ in many ways. One cultural difference between these two world powers is baby name preferences. While some common English baby names also prove popular in the United States, others that top the Brits’ list don’t rank with U.S. audiences. If you are a lover or all things British, or just wish to select a slightly less Americanized name, consider a popular English baby name for your infant.


Oliver is a popular boy’s name among British parents. This name consistently held one of the top spots in British baby-naming popularity lists, according to Office of National Statistics data. The popularity of this name waned slightly in 2009.


Much to the surprise of many, Mohammad proved the most popular British baby name in 2009, reports UK’s “Daily Mail” newspaper. This name’s popularity, which had never before graced the English top 10 list, reflects the influx of immigrants into this country.


Olivia commonly holds the number 1 baby-naming spot for the naming of baby girls in England, reports the Office of National Statistics. This name sounds surprisingly similar to the perennial male favorite Oliver, attesting to British parents’ enjoyment of the sound of these two similar names.


Many British parents chose the name Jack when picking a baby boy’s name. This short and sweet name sat in the number 2 popularity position for 14 years until it got pushed down the list by the sudden surge in the popularity of the name Mohammed in 2009.


Not surprisingly, Harry traditionally ranks high in British baby naming popularity. This name, which oozes British charm, has royal ties and is the name of one of Prince Charles’ two sons.


The gem inspired Ruby is a common British baby name list topper. This old-fashioned name may appeal to parents who think of their new infant as a precious and magnificent addition to their family due to its jewel connection.


The name Alfie is a decidedly British baby boy name. This name, which is a derivative of the name Alfred, sat at the number 4 popularity spot in 2006, according to the Office of National Statistics data.

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