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Popular Southern Baby Names

Many Southern parents elect to give their children names representative of their region. These names often have a Southern flair and relate back to geographic features or objects common to these states. Whether you were born and raised in the South, or whether you are a Yankee who now lives in the South, you might be thinking that your new baby needs a name from this culturally rich region of the United States.


The name Beau is a popular boy’s name in the Southern states. This name means “handsome,” making it fitting for a rough-and-rugged male infant. Some modern moms opt to extend this name to female children as well and use it as a name for their newborn baby girls.


The city of Savannah, Ga., was a site of many significant events during the Civil War, and remains a picturesque, and decidedly Southern, city to this day. Many parents in this region elect to name their baby girls after this city.


Austin is a popular Southern boy’s name. Along with being representative of a city in Texas, this name also has symbolic meaning, coming from a Latin word that means “venerated.”


The name Colt proves a popular choice for many Southerners, particularly those with equestrian tastes or a love of horse racing. This name is almost always used for boys. Parents who desire a child who possesses a love of the outdoors or an application for nature may be particularly drawn to this name.


Many parents elect to name their sons Jackson. This name is not just the name of a city in Mississippi, but it also possesses a classic Southern charm that many find appealing. Parents who elect to adopt this name may also decide to shorten the title to the derivative, Jack.


Shelby proves a popular choice for both girls and boys in the south. This name means, “A place where willows grow,” giving the name a connection to nature along with its lilting charm and simplicity.


Leanne is a simple name with Southern charm that proves popular among parents naming infant daughters. This name has no classic historical root, but instead came out of the practice of calling children by a combination of their first and middle names.


The name Wyatt was cemented in history by outlaw Wyatt Earp. This masculine name means, “brave,” making it an appropriate choice for parents who hope that their child possesses the courage to face life’s challenges.

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