Only Moments
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Only Moments

The power of words never ceases to amaze me.  They have the ability to heal, give love, and sometimes truly touch another life.   When I write I don’t always have a strong direction or know just where my writing will lead me.

A while ago, and probably not long enough ago for her, I heard news from my friend Katie that her husband was going to be deployed overseas only one month following their wedding date.  He will be gone for one year.

My heart and thoughts were completely with her.  The thing about it was I could only imagine what she must be going through.  A year is a long time.  An even longer time for a newlywed.  Imagine you finally found the man of your dreams, now you call each other husband and wife, and hanging over you is the notion that you will be separated for an entire year just weeks after saying I do.

With all my heart I wanted to reach out to Katie, and let her know she was not alone.  I put pen to paper in an attempt to connect with the energy in my heart and what flowed out was a piece of creative writing with love.

Next time there is someone you long to reach out to, try picking up a pen and paper.  You never know what might flow out or how much your words will impact another.  Writing has the power to spread love!

Wendy Irene

Only Moments

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I love how your hat hangs here next to mine, she said.  It makes me smile.

In that case I will leave it right here next to yours when I am gone. 

What’s the point? She said.  When you’re away I am not going to feel like smiling.

Yes you will, he said.  You’ll focus.

Enough of that crazy talk, she said.  It makes me annoyed.

In fact, she said.  The whole thing annoys me.  It down right hurts me!

You don’t get it, she said.  I’m MAD!

MAD that this is happening.

MAD that all I want to do is spend time with you, and I am not going to get to do that.

MAD that you brought this on us.

And she back peddled.  Maybe I did not mean that, she said.

Maybe it is just the hurt talking.  And now I’m even more annoyed for feeling bad about what I said!

I don’t deserve this, she said as she walked off to the corner and stared at the wall. 

Of course you don’t, he said.  You deserve to be happy. 

Don’t you get it?  She said.  You’re what makes me happy.  Being WITH you makes me happy.

And now I feel like you are taking that away from me.  Like your choices, however valid they may be, are taking that away from me. 

You know? He said.

I wish I had a magic potion to take the hurt away.  To make you smile ALL the time.

I wish my love, so deep, so much larger than myself, could take every ounce of hurt, every ounce of unhappiness, and carry it far away.  So far away neither of us could feel this pain again.

You know though darling?  He said.  I won’t REALLY be gone. 

Oh GREAT! She said.  More of the crazy talk. 

I guess I am going to have to work on my telepathy.  She said in a very sarcastic tone.

If I am ever going to be able to talk to you.

Talk to you when I want to talk to you.

Talk to you when I NEED to talk to you. 

We are made of the same matter, he said.

No matter where our particles go they’ll always act in unison.  Our love is one in the same.

No matter how split apart we are our love will always be joined.

In the Divine Matrix we are always connected.  No distance could ever change that, he said.  It is bigger than us.

And you know?  He said again.  There is a gift in all of this. 

Oh really?  She said sarcastically. 

Yes, he said.  You’ll grow in a way you never knew possible.  You’ll grow in a way most will never know, but so many already do.

Your strength, our bond, they will be forces nothing can reckon with. 

Well if that is the gift, she said.  I DON’T want it! 

You may not know it now but the growth that will happen, the insight and knowledge you’ll gain will be something you’ll treasure.  Something you would never trade. 

That is so cliché.  She said and rolled her eyes. 

The next day she went to her favorite bookstore alone, and bought every book on telepathy she could find.  And in such a small store that wasn’t very many.

With the books in her lap, she sat and slowly but quickly sipped her coffee, frozen in concentration. 

When she returned home,

Together they picked a song.

A song only they knew.

A song only for them.

A song she would listen to repeatedly for 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds.

A song, THEIR song, which would get her through the moments.

Moments where emotion flushed through.

Moments to focus.

Moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments of hurt and moments of memories 

…but they were all moments of love.  

Credit:The term Divine Matrix comes from the book The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden

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