Choose Heart over Fear
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Choose Heart over Fear

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt





When I first started publically writing I was fearful of what others, especially those more talented than I, would think. Grammar is not a strength of mine. Neither is spelling. They never have been. (*side note – I even spelled grammar wrong while writing this!) :-/

When I was young I had years where I received nearly all 100s on my spelling tests. Little did anyone know I was a TERRIBLE speller! I had my teachers fooled, and when they would move me up to the highest spelling group I think my Mother was both happy for me, and at the same time thinking Oh Great! She was the one that was there with me behind the scenes working on my spelling words all week long, every single day until test time.

It is one example of how working hard can triumph over natural ability and make you successful. The willingness and determination to focus, and do the best job that you can, has the ability to turn your dreams into reality. Often success is not looked at fairly. It is perceived as a snap shot in time, when the reality of it is years of practice, and years of focus and commitment to a craft. It isn’t about being perfect or the best, it is about pouring your heart into it and giving it all you’ve got.

Letting fear stop me would have caused me huge regret, and that right there is motivation enough to drive me forward and help me push through it. There are always going to be people that are better at everything than me, but that doesn’t make me or what I have to share worthless, and I certainly should not let that remove chunks of my self esteem. I have learned that if I am passionate about something and I am focused and committed to doing the best I can, and open to striving for continual growth, I CAN be successful!

There were many times I was dubbed an over achiever, a term that I have come to dislike. Over achiever to me is nothing more than someone else setting limitations on you. How can anyone know or measure the extent to what you are capable of? Don’t let them!

Never let the fact that there are always going to be people more talented than you paralyze you from pursing your passions whole heartedly. You will see in time that it is a big wide world out there, and amazingly enough people will connect with what you have to uniquely offer. Don’t compare or let fear of not being ‘good enough’ stop you. Let the work of others you view more talented than you inspire you to grow into the best you. It is all perspective anyway, and there is no better YOU!

I believe that what makes me successful, despite all my weaknesses, is my innate and strong desire to constantly grow into the best version of myself in all aspects of my life, from the work that I do to the person that I am.

Always, Always let your heart triumph over fear!

Happy Weekend, Friends! ?

Do you believe in the worth of your own abilities?

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