George Kotsiopoulos Talks Fashion and Laundry
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George Kotsiopoulos Talks Fashion and Laundry

George Kotsiopoulos from E! Fashion Police took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to give us some fashion and laundry tips for the ModernMom!

Tell me something I don’t know about doing laundry.

You can actually wash most of the stuff you think you can’t. And did you know that fabric softener reduces wrinkles and helps prevent pilling? I’m shocked when people tell me they don’t use fabric softener. Try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

What are your tips for washing and preserving your most stylish pieces at home?

When in doubt – wash on the delicate or hand wash cycle in cold water and don’t throw it in the dryer.

What fashion trend(s) are you loving right now for the “modern mom”?

Stiletto heels, of course! Kidding. Flats. More realistic heels are great/sexy/fun, but they do put women at a disadvantage. Women in heels can  sometimes be rendered somewhat helpless.  Also in general, tech advancements in fabrics – like washable fabrics — that’s of course important for modern moms. You have a blouse you are planning on wearing to a presentation or meeting…but then your toddler throws up on it; you need to be able to wash your clothes at home for this reason.

Any recommendations when it comes to sorting my clothes from my kids’? Do we really need to?

Have multiple hampers, for starters. However, my best advice, if you want to stop doing laundry, just mess up their clothes – then they’ll do their own laundry. My mom ruined my shirt when I was in third grade and I’ve been doing my own laundry ever since. How old are your children anyway? Put them to work! If they are over eight they can do their own laundry. You’re a busy modern mom! And, yes – you should still definitely sort. If you’re washing your sweaters or particular items, you’ll be choosing specific water temperatures and cycles. Your kids’ clothes probably need warm or hot wash.

What’s your favorite fabric that survives many washes?

Cotton. But to protect it from pilling and fading, again – use a detergent like Tide Pods and also a fabric softener.

What’s one thing you’ve never told anyone in an interview?  

I genuinely love bananas. I have one every morning.

George Kotsiopoulos is a current ambassador for P&G Fabric Care’s Washable Fashion Initiative.

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