Green Works Summer Stain Challenges
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Green Works Summer Stain Challenges

Whether it’s weekends of ice cream socials, backyard tackle football or sweaty garden work, summer can leave its mark on your clothes and around the house. Green Works has introduced two naturally derived products – Oxi Stain Remover and Chlorine-Free Bleach – that will make it easier to help remove spills and stains … and save you summer wardrobe.

Put these Green Works® products to the test by challenging your family to create big fun – and big stains. Amanda Mahan, author of the blog “Green Mommy in a Plastic World,” sponsored by Green Works, offers three challenges for families this summer that encourage moms to focus on fun and worry about the clean up later:

Challenge 1:

Napkin-free BBQ. Every year, my friend’s family throws a BBQ but doesn’t let anyone use napkins. As the type of eater who wipes after every bite, this challenge may break me. But this will take my daughter’s typical BBQ sauce finger painting to new heights.

Challenge 2:

Left-handed water gun fight. My husband bought a super soaker water gun that he has taught my three-year old how to use. Honestly, it’s bigger than she is, but somehow she has learned to lock and load. For this challenge, you can only use your “weaker” hand, so if you’re a righty like me, you have to shoot lefty; if you’re a lefty, shoot with your right hand. I’m going to get a pack of smaller water guns, invite over some other families and worry about the grass and dirt stains later.

Challenge 3:

No hands ice cream sundae. After our H2O battle extraordinaire, we’ll surely have worked up an appetite for ice cream and I am famous for my insane toppings: every type of candy bar, sprinkles, sauces, berries, cookies, gummies, homemade whip cream and more. What could be more child-like than eating that sundae without using your hands, let alone spoons?


Check out Amanda’s blog for more fun ideas for summer, and check out the Green Works website for more product information.

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