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Handmade Halloween Party Invitation Ideas

Handmade party invitations tend to get noticed more than the store-bought variety because the recipient can see that time, attention and care have gone into making them. Pull out your craft supplies, and make your own invitations for your next Halloween party. Homemade Halloween invitations also allow you to create an invitation that complements your party perfectly.


Create traditional-shaped invitations using card stock and craft or scrapbook supplies. Make a coffin-shaped invitation using black card stock. Write the party details inside the coffin on one side with a white or silver pen. Draw Dracula or another ghoulish character on the other side of the coffin. Use stencils or stickers if you prefer.

Tombstone-shaped invitations are another option. Draw a large tombstone on the front of the invitations with grass and a spooky-looking tree in the background if you don’t want to create a tombstone shape.

Pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns, a witch’s hat, witch’s cauldron, bat, black cat or ghost shapes are also fitting and traditional. Use craft scissors to create zigzags or other interesting borders and glitter if you want to add sparkle to your invitations. For example, use black glitter for a jack-o-lantern’s face or a black cat’s eyes.


Spooky invitations that go beyond traditional ghouls and goblins are ideal for older children, teens or adults who want to get in on a Halloween party. The nature of your invitations will give guests a hint as to whether they should prepare to be scared or look forward to a laid-back celebration.

Attach googly eyes to black bats, cats, spiders, witches or jack-o-lanterns on your invitations to give them a more real appearance and create a 3-D effect. Use black chenille “pipe cleaners” and a black pompom or cotton ball to add texture to a creepy-looking spider.

Tie a tag around a fake severed finger — or make your own using modeling clay — with the words “Don’t forget!” and the party details. Use candy or soap shaped like a finger if you want the prop to be useful to your guests. A toe tag-shaped invitation would work as well, whether tied to a novelty toe or not.

Make a formal-looking invitation on white card stock with fancy black or gold script and splatter the invitation with red paint or ink to look like blood splatter. Drizzle a bit on the envelope as well, or dip your finger tips in the paint to create bloody fingerprints.


Write your own original verse to accompany your handmade invitations or nab an ancient verse from websites, such as MakeYourOwnInvitations.com. The wording should complement your party and the images on your invitations. For example, the following verse would work with a witch’s hat or cauldron (pot) invitation:

“Beware, the witch is perfecting her brew

She has something special in store for you

Join us on Hallows Eve night

By then the ale will be just right”

General verses work for nearly any design, such as:

“When the clock strikes 7, strange things begin

Witches and warlocks will trickle in

Ghouls and goblins are welcome too

The only thing missing now, is you”

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