Helpful Hints For Parents of Sporty Kids
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Helpful Hints For Parents of Sporty Kids

This post is in partnership with Tide and written by Jennifer Seigler.

My boys are active! At almost any moment, you can find a child running, jumping or playing in my house. The boys love to be outdoors and they love competition! Sports are a big part of our lives these days with boys chasing after balls, sliding into home plate and diving into mud puddles in the name of protecting the ball.

There is never a day the boys don’t either come home or come inside from playing their favorite sports like football, baseball, and kickball without a few grass and dirt stains. As a mom of boys, it’s hard to have any clothing without stains from playing their little hearts out that day. Since spring is in full swing and summer is just nearing the weather is perfect for the boys to get out and play a little backyard football. This is one sport I swear they can never tire over. They make call their own plays, choose which college or NFL team they want to be, have imaginary uniforms all they way they want them. It is such a joy to just sit and watch them have a ball doing what they love the most and that is playing sports.

Since I’ve had so much practice being a sports mom, I have a few helpful hints for those just starting on the kids’ sports adventures.

-Always bring an extra water or sports drink with a snack to fuel your athlete post game. A hungry kid is a cranky kid.
-Invest in a portable chair or stadium seat cushion because you never know how long a game can last and you’ll thank me later.
-Pack plenty of sun protection for the family because it gets pretty hot and too much sun isn’t good for anyone.
-Always remember to be a good sport and cheer for all of the kids win or lose! And after a tough game, it’s best to just tell your child that you enjoyed watching him or her play, not go into what he or she could have done better, etc. The kids know what they did wrong and best to not add salt to their wounds on the drive home.
-Don’t sweat over your kids’ clothes getting stained and covered in dirt while they are playing. Keep your laundry room stocked with Tide PODS® because they can combat anything your kid’s can throw at them.

With 3 busy kids, my time is at a premium. Tide PODS are a modern mom’s solution to having the freshest and cleanest clothes possible. I love that I can toss in a pac and know that it will dissolve in any water temperature, and it will give my laundry a boost of cleaning power that will save me time while keeping the family looking great! There is no need to purchase additional products to treat the mud, dirt or grass stains, these small laundry pacs get the stains out all on their own and keep my family’s clothes looking new. And that means the clothes look good enough for hand-me-downs to their younger siblings!

Tide PODS® is a 3-in-1 laundry solution that consists of a detergent, stain remover and brightener all in one, I love that I can get all 3 features in one handy pac. They’re already pre-measured so no need to measure or pour, just toss in. No matter how messy the boys get while they are playing, exploring or just being boys, I know that these little pacs can handle the task! 

Since trying Tide PODS I can’t help but feel that the standard old liquid detergent is outdated. These PODS reduce packaging, use less water than a concentrated detergent and are so easy to use. No more measuring or buying multiple products to achieve a great clean!

As baseball season gets underway and football season nearing, I will be keeping my laundry room well stocked. The boys can dive after balls and slide into bases all summer long and I will be cheering them on knowing that I covered all my bases. ☺

Let’s play BALL!

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