How to Care for Leather Handbags
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How to Care for Leather Handbags

A quality leather handbag can add a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit. To ensure that your potentially expensive leather accessory looks as nice the 100th time you use it as it did the first, you must carefully protect your fashion investment. By following proper care and cleaning practices, you can reduce the likelihood that your leather handbag falls victim to avoidable damage and increase the life span of your favorite tote.

Step 1

Look for cleaning instructions in your purse packaging. Many expensive bags come with detailed care instructions. Before disposing of your purse’s packaging, seek out these informative instructions. If you locate any, follow them carefully as they were specifically designed to ensure the longevity of your handbag.

Step 2

Store your bag in a protective cloth bag. Often, designer handbags come with a soft fabric bag that is intended to protect the bag during storage. Do not dispose of this accessory. Instead, use it faithfully when stowing your purse between uses. If your purse did not come with one of these handy covers, use a pillow case to keep your bag safe.

Step 3

Avoid exposure to water. While a few rain drops likely won’t hurt your bag, a flood of water may leave it in disrepair. Avoid storing your bag in potentially damp places, such as basements. If your bag does become wet, dry the surface as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Step 4

Be careful when placing your purse on the floor. Before placing your purse on the potentially dirty ground, check the area and look for any dirt that may soil the bag. To keep your bag extra clean, purchase a purse hanger that rests on the table top and is intended to suspend your bag and keep it off the floor altogether.

Step 5

Avoid exposing your bag to extreme heat or direct sunlight. Excessive heat can lead to leather cracking or discoloration. Don’t leave your bag in a hot car or store it in direct sunlight.

Step 6

Use a quality leather cleaner. Purchase a cleaner specifically for use on leather. As each cleaner varies, you should always follow manufacturer’s instructions faithfully.

Step 7

Condition your leather regularly. While cleaning removes dirt, it can also dry out your leather. To keep your leather properly moistened, follow your cleaning with conditioning. Use a leather conditioner. Follow the specific directions carefully.

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