How to Remove the Lens From Plastic Frames
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How to Remove the Lens From Plastic Frames

Today’s eyeglass trends have turned plastic frames into a fun fashion accessory that is especially helpful for anyone who needs to fix their vision. However, lenses are exposed to lots of wear and tear that leads to scratches. When this happens, you don’t always have to visit the eye doctor to get them replaced. Although removing lenses from your plastic frames may take a work and some patience, you can accomplish your mission by following these simple steps.

Gather Your Supplies
First, you will need to get a few tools so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of removing your lenses. Since it plastic frames respond to different methods, you may not need everything on your list, but you’ll be glad you have it if you do. Start by getting an eyeglass screwdriver kit. These can usually be found in your local pharmacy or grocery store if you don’t have one already. Then, you will also need a microfiber cloth and a hairdryer.

Prepare Your Work Surface
It is important to have a flat space to work on your glasses where they will be protected from damage. Lay a microfiber cloth on a countertop, and place your frames on it. Make sure that the lenses are facing down so that they rest on the counter. This gives you the best view for checking the screws.

Check and Remove Screws
The easiest way to get lenses out of plastic frames is to check for screws. Although not all frames have screws holding the lenses in, you may get lucky enough to find screws located on the circular parts of the frame. Please note that these are not the same as the screws that hold the earpiece and nose part of the frame together. If you find lens screws, simply use your screwdriver set to loosen and remove them. Remember to keep the screws in a safe place until you add your new lenses in. Once the screws are are out, the lenses should also pop out.

Try the Hair Dryer Method
When a frame does not have screws, warming the plastic makes it more flexible. To do this, hold your hair dryer about six inches away from the frames. Set it on medium, and blow the warm air in a circular motion around the frame. Do this for about five minutes to make the plastic relax. Now, set the hair dryer to the side, and hold your frames by placing your thumbs on the backside of the lenses. Now, push gently. Avoid applying too much pressure. The lenses should come out easily. If they do not, then try heating the frames again. Or you can move on to the next method.

Soak Them In Hot Water
This method also relies on heat, but many people find it easier than using a hair dryer since it warms the frames more evenly. Fill your sink up with hot water. Ideally, it should be slightly warmer than you would like it for a bath. Place the frames inside the hot water, and let them soak for three or four minutes. Afterwards, remove the glasses, and use a soft towel to dry them off. Avoid using a paper towel for drying because this can scratch the frames along with the lenses. The lenses should come out by applying mild pressure to the back like you did for the hair dryer method.

When your lenses get scratched or outdated, you can still keep your favorite frames. While it does take a little trial and error, popping out the lenses will let you have them replaced with ones that still fit your favorite accessory.

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