How To Revive Your Workout Routine
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How To Revive Your Workout Routine

Summer is coming so we wanted to round up a few new workout tools to revive your fitness routine.

Cize – This will be one of the most fun workouts you’ve had in your living room in a long time… Even if you aren’t a dancer, this will still make you sweat and you’ll really enjoy attempting to bust a move! Super fun music and you don’t even realize you are working out. Dance like no one’s watching, because, no one is watching!

Booty Belt – Nobody likes that extra layer on top of our booties -and this new contraption targets just that. It lifts and firms your glutes and can also help with core strengthening. It’s Kate Hudson’s new obsession according to her instagram!

Fitness Gear Utility Bench – Invest in this bench to give yourself the ultimate full-body workout without having to pay for a gym membership. Don’t be afraid to lift weights – you’ll see a huge difference in your body quickly if you do. This weight bench has five incline adjustments so you can work out your entire body. It’s sturdy, stable and very comfortable. The bench will make a huge difference in your arm workouts – you get a better range of motion for your chest and arms while engaging your core. Fabulous way to do tricep dips too. Once you start using this SportBench, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Slendertone – So this is awesome because it uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation techonology through an interactive mobile app to help tone, firm and strengthen your core muscles. You can use this while sitting on your couch or while working out. Bring it on!

21 Day Fix – We love Autumn Calabrese (and her ModernMom videos!) but we really love her program 21 day fix. Not only does she have workouts, but she has this simple eating plan that lets you eat what you want. Yep, it’s just about proportions. She has color-coded containers that help you measure the precise portion. SMART!

RunLites – As busy moms, we know that one of the biggest obstacles to working out is time. Well, these light-up gloves will make it super simple to run in the evenings when things at home settle down. Created by a mom, these gloves are a convenient innovation that allows you to see what’s in front of you while also being visible to others.

Alkaline88 – This tasty alkaline water is balanced water with a matching pH to help our bodies function at their best – this is pivotal when you are working out.

MELT Performance Roller – As you step up your work out, you are going to want to use this roller before workouts to improve your performance and after workouts to reduce aches and recovery time. It’s compact so you can take it with you.

Bzees Lifetime – Instead of throwing on flip flops after your morning yoga or barre class, slip on these fashionable and comfy sneakers. They are designed with cloud technology including free-foam footbeds and air-infused outsoles that provide ‘light feels right’ sensation for your feet.

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