Is it Safe to Color Your Hair While Breastfeeding?
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Is it Safe to Color Your Hair While Breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are crucial times to be aware of potential health risks. Many beauty and personal care products contain chemicals that could be harmful to your baby, and hair dye is no exception. So, is it safe to color your hair while breastfeeding?

Stay Informed

It’s good to know about what’s safe and what’s not so that you can create the safest environment possible for your child to grow up in. Stay informed about possible everyday health risks that could affect your child. It’s great to do your own research, but you should also discuss your concerns with your doctor.

There isn’t really any scientific research that we can point to that is specifically about using hair color products during breastfeeding. Hair treatment solutions of all types contain a wide variety of chemicals, and it is true that many of these chemicals will have negative health effects if your exposure level is very high. Is the chemical exposure caused by you dying your hair bad for the baby?

Go Ahead!

Coloring your hair is safe during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Virtually no one is in so much contact with hair dye chemicals that they suffer negative health consequences. Besides, the chemicals in the dye will not enter your milk supply, so they won’t get to your baby.

Being a new mom is exhausting and emotionally challenging. You deserve to look and feel beautiful, so it’s fine to treat yourself to a new hair color or touch-up. Since you’ll become busier as your child grows older, you can ask your stylist how to simplify your color or hairstyle to be lower-maintenance.

If you’re still concerned if it is safe to color Your hair while breastfeeding, there are some things you could do to make it safer. You could use all-natural vegetable dyes like henna, or you could get highlights or lowlights which would use fewer chemicals than a full dye job. If you dye your hair at home, pick an ammonia-free formula and don’t dye your hair while your baby is in the same room.


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