Is it Safe to Have Sex During the Last Trimester of Pregnancy?
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Is it Safe to Have Sex During the Last Trimester of Pregnancy?

You are in your third trimester of pregnancy, you cannot see your feet, you are getting more and more uncomfortable, and you feel big. The last thing on your mind may be sex, but then again, sex could be a great way to take your mind off any discomfort you are having. The good news is that it is impossible to harm the baby in the uterus when you have sex, according to the Ohio State University Medical Center.

Baby is Protected

Even though you or your partner may think that sex could harm the baby during your third trimester, rest assured that the amniotic fluid will protect your baby. The abdominal wall, mucus plug and the bony pelvis also serve as protection for your baby. Orgasm will not harm your baby, either.

When Sex is Risky

The third trimester can be risky for some women in certain situations, so you should talk to your doctor to make sure sex is OK during your final weeks. Some doctors believe that during the last few weeks, sex could rupture the membranes. You should not have sex if your water leaks or breaks, you have vaginal bleeding, itching or discharge, pain in your abdomen or in your vagina or if you start to feel contractions. If you have a history of preterm labor or placenta previa, you should discuss with your doctor if having sex will be safe for you.

Sex Positions

Your abdomen is large in the third trimester, which means that some sexual positions are better during this time than others. You should not have sex in the missionary position (you on your back, man on top) during your third trimester. Better positions are lying on your side, sitting on top of your partner or having your partner approach you from behind.

Other Types Of Sex

Oral sex is perfectly fine throughout your pregnancy, but your partner should never blow into your vagina at this time. Although rare, a burst of air could block a blood vessel, which could be a life-threatening condition for you and your baby, according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s best to steer clear of anal sex during the third trimester. Women have a tendency toward hemorrhoids during this time, and anal sex can aggravate this condition. Anal sex can also cause bacteria to spread to the vagina from the rectum.

Sexual Desire

Just because it’s safe to have intercourse during your third trimester doesn’t mean you have to. Many women simply are not interested in having sex during this time. Make sure you communicate with your partner if you do not feel like having sex, and reassure your partner that it is not because of him. Let him know that you are not feeling up to having sex, if that is the case, and try to maintain your intimacy.

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