Is Your Diet Putting You At A Higher Risk For Cancer?
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Is Your Diet Putting You At A Higher Risk For Cancer?

Have you wondered about the relationship of diet to cancer? There have been so many theories and guesses on the subject, and current information is still far from definitive.

But, according to new studies, diet may be the cause of some 20% or more of cancers.  The relationship appears to be with endometrial, gallbladder, esophageal, renal, thyroid, breast, pancreas, colon, multiple myeloma, lung, liver and many other forms of cancer.

According to a 2008 study, fighting cancer is not about ingesting exotic foods advertized for their cancer-fighting qualities. It’s not about organic shakes and teas and elimination of sugars and carbs. It is about being overweight or obese.

A recent study in the Journal The Lancet claims to demonstrate that obesity increases the risk of 22 different cancers. Researchers believe that being overweight alters various hormones including insulin and the body’s inflammatory responses.  They also believe that obese cancer victims are less likely to survive their cancer than are slimmer people.

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