John Edwards’ Mistress: “John Was Relentless in Bed”
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John Edwards’ Mistress: “John Was Relentless in Bed”

John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter told GQ magazine that even though John Edwards cheated on his wife, he is the epitome of “thruthfulness and humility.” Really?!

Rielle’s Sexy GQ Shoot

The mistress of former presidential candidate John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, says she hates the photos used in her new GQ lay-out, and that she was unaware they would be using full body shots. It could leave a mom pondering: Was she also unaware that John Edwards was married with children and his now estranged wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer? Just curious… Rielle who has a two-year-old daughter with Edwards claims she “cried for two hours” after seeing the photos in GQ, and even called the shots “repulsive.”

What She Said

She also told GQ that she believes John Edwards is the “epitome of truthfulness and humility” and that their love will last until “death do us part.” Remember though, that John publicly announced his love for his wife while the alleged affair was happening, and he also denied Rielle’s child was his own. Wouldn’t you be concerned loving a man that not only cheated on his family but then denounced you at the same time? I wouldn’t call a man the “epitome of truthfulness and humility”– we’re talking about someone who was running for President and had an affair. Seriously…

Their Daughter

Regardless of what you think about John Edwards or Rielle Hunter, they have a daughter together who is innocent, two-year-old Frances Quinn Hunter. Though Hunter claims Edwards is a great father, they have not spoken about any wedding plans — not that it would matter whether they were married or not as we’re talking about a man who cheated on his wife so not sure what a piece of paper would actually do. But anyway, Rielle knew what she was doing — both in the GQ shoot and during the affair. According to GQ “she is a very smart woman.” No one poses for a men’s magazine notorious for putting scantily clad women on the cover and then claims she thought they were just shooting headshots.

Come on Rielle…


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