Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer
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Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer

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“You have breast cancer.”

These are four words no woman wants to hear, especially not as a 33-year-old with two small children. But less than a year after her own mother passed away from breast cancer, this was the reality for Jaime Andrews.

Jaime was diagnosed in 2012 with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), meaning that the cancer had spread to other places in her body, including her sternum, skull and pelvis. Jaime’s type of breast cancer is known as Human Epidermal growth factor Receptor 2-positive (HER2-positive), a particularly aggressive form that affects approximately 20-25 percent of people with the disease.

Jaime has received various treatments for her breast cancer and has had to learn how to live with this impact on her daily life. Unfortunately, because there isn’t a cure for MBC, people with this disease may receive some form of treatment for the rest of their lives. Despite her diagnosis, Jaime is committed to staying positive.

“We as a community, a society, we have to change the face of cancer. So many people look at cancer as a fight or a battle. For me, I would like to look at it more like a dance.”

Jaime believes information, resources and support are essential tools for people facing this disease. And these are things that many people are looking for — both after initial diagnosis and throughout their breast cancer journeys. A tool Jaime finds helpful is a mobile app recently developed by Genentech called 4HER.

The 4HER app supports people living with early or advanced stages of HER2-positive breast cancer by providing information, as well as useful tools and resources including guided meditations, a game and a feature allowing people to connect with others outside of the app who are also facing HER2-positive breast cancer.*

“I especially enjoy the 20-minute guided meditation. Meditating helps me relax before a big doctor’s appointment or after a busy day with my kids, and using the app makes it even easier,” said Jaime.

About the 4HER App:

Developed by Genentech, this easy-to-use app is exclusively for women with HER2-positive breast cancer. Users are able to:

  • Learn about HER2-positive breast cancer, including information provided in collaboration with
  • Relax with guided meditations to help unwind and de-stress
  • Take a break with a fun game
  • Connect with others outside of the app who are also facing HER2-positive breast cancer*
  • Find financial resources and support

The 4HER app works with both iPhone® and Android devices. It’s free and available for download on the App Store℠ or on Google Play™.


The information you find in the Genentech 4HER app is not meant to replace the advice of your healthcare team. Please talk with your healthcare team about your medical condition and treatment. Only your doctor and healthcare team can give you medical advice.

*To protect your privacy, you control what information you want to share. Genentech does not have visibility into the interactions of those participating in Patient Connect. Participants in this feature are connecting directly with each other outside Genentech systems.

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