Natural Remedies for Increasing Sperm Count
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Natural Remedies for Increasing Sperm Count

When struggling with infertility, some couples discover that their problems, in part, are due to decreased sperm motility (the ability to move) or a low sperm count. Since many couples prefer to seek natural remedies for increasing sperm count before turning to more invasive medical procedures, it can be a relief to learn that sometimes the key to increasing sperm count can be as simple as making a few lifestyle changes.


Exercising regularly can help your man to lose weight, feel more relaxed and increase his libido. Since stress can cause hormonal interference that affect sperm production and sexual functioning, lowering stress via exercise is beneficial for increasing sperm count. The Mayo Clinic does, however, caution men not to overdo the exercise or to spend too much time on a bicycle. Vigorous exercise can negatively alter hormone levels and biking for more than 20 minutes at a time can increase scrotal temperature and potentially damage sperm.

Regulate Body Temperature

Increases in body temperature, particularly those localized to the scrotal area, can inhibit sperm production and damage sperm. Consider trading in his tighty-whiteys for boxers. Prolonged soaks in hot tubs and visits to the sauna should be avoided. He should also be careful about using a laptop computer for an extended period of time.

Take Vitamins

A multivitamin and several different supplements may ensure he is getting the vitamins he needs to increase his sperm count. According to a March 2002 study in “Fertility and Sterility,” men who take a combination of zinc and folic acid supplements have increased sperm counts. Additionally, antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can combat damage caused by free radicals, decreasing the chances of sperm damage and increasing motility.

Eat Sperm-Friendly Foods

The foods he eats can be natural remedies to boost sperm levels as well. The amino acid arginine has been linked to increased sperm production and can be found in walnuts and almonds. A 2001 study in the “Journal of Andrology,” reported that selenium also helps to increase sperm count. This nutrient can be found naturally in Brazil nuts, wheat germ, liver, tuna and other oily fish. Make sure, too, that he’s eating his greens and colorful vegetables to get sufficient amounts of Vitamin A and folic acid.

Time Intercourse Carefully

If you are trying to get pregnant, it may seem logical to have sex more often, but frequent intercourse (or ejaculation by other means) can actually reduce sperm count. In her book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” Toni Weschler recommends having sex every other day, noting that lower sperm counts could use the extra time to build up to fertile levels. Sperm counts are also higher in the morning, so it’s better to have sex early in the day.

Get to a Healthy Weight

According to a study in the January 2010 issue of “Fertility and Sterility,” obesity is linked to poor sperm quality and motility, though the study also found that losing weight can reverse the problem. The Mayo Clinic states that carrying extra or too little body fat can change how his body produces reproductive hormones, so it is best to try to maintain a healthy weight and BMI (body mass index).

5 tips to ensure healthy sperm:

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