PANDAS – Adorable IMAX Movie Narrated By Kristen Bell
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PANDAS – Adorable IMAX Movie Narrated By Kristen Bell

PANDAS is a beautiful and touching documentary adventure about reintroducing captive-born pandas back into the wild. The film is breathtakingly gorgeous and coming to select IMAX theaters on April 6th from Warner Bros Pictures. Narrated by the lovely Kristen Bell, the music is super catchy and the pandas are ridiculously adorable and the music . Warning: Your child will want one for Christmas.
The story follows one special panda, Qian Qian, who was born in captivity in China. With the help of a passionate researcher from Chengdu and an innovative black bear expert in New Hampshire, this film follows a life-changing journey for Qian Qian (and all the people involved) as she experiences her first foray into the wild. 
Bring a tissue and get ready for an inspiring story that shows how cross-cultural collaboration and cooperation can bring out the best innovations in people and life altering experiences for animals. 
This movie is wonderful for the whole family. Go. See. It.