Pick-me Up Products for Summer
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Pick-me Up Products for Summer

It’s summer so it’s a great time to freshen up some items around the house. We found some super cute, super useful and super fun products, that we really think you’ll love!

Looking for a creative way to hang those cute beach pics? My Mighty Magnets are a fun and whimsical way to hang pictures or artwork literally anywhere! Its strong cable system and adorable magnets will spiff up any room and keep summer alive all year round! The penguins are absolutely adorbs!

It’s summer so you might want to update your jewelry. How about a versatile gorgeous stone-based piece from Second Daughter? We love the Hydra Earrings made with beautiful turquoise and the Canyon Studs made with 14K gold and Malachite. So pretty.

Ready to switch up your summer beauty routine? You’ll love Honey Belle’s bath bomb collection. Enjoy a relaxing spa night with a soothing bath using one of the 12 invigorating scents. Your skin will feel so soft and the scents are ah-mazing!

We love that unicorns are super-hot this year! And we heart this brand new Avalon sweatshirt from Pinkly Perfect. Wear this super soft off the shoulder sweatshirt that expresses “‘Unicorns are real, the sun never sets and summer lasts forever.” We wish… boy do we wish!


The sun and heat can wreak havoc on your face, so why not try Dew Puff’s super awesome facial cleansing sponges. These reusable sponges come in three different blends based on your skin’s needs. There’s the charcoal-infused Puff for oily skin, a clay-infused sponge for dry skin, and one for the ‘purest clean.’ These are 100% plant-based. Just add water!

Need a change in your cleaning routine? Bump It Off is a brightly colored reusable silicone sleeve that fits on your hand and enables you to lift stains, clean irregular surfaces like cheese graters, remove lint and pet fur and so much more. LOVE.