Beach Day Must-Haves
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Beach Day Must-Haves

It’s summer which means the beach! We rounded up some fun and useful items for the whole family.

This beach towel will definitely be a hit at your next beach or pool day. It’s none other than a giant Pink Pop Tart Beach Towel with a bite taken out of it! Absolutely adorable and has no calories! Did I mention it’s soft and huge?! Super fun for all ages.

Speaking of the beach, babies need protection from the sand and sun and we found just the thing. It’s the bblüv Süni Anti-UV Sun & Play Tent. It’s also perfect for the park as it will protect your child from the sun (UVA and UVB rays), sand and wind. The pop-up system makes it super easy to fold and unfold and there’s a roll down curtain for extra sun protection.

Now that baby is settled, you want a comfy chair with some shade too. We love the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair as it has a sun canopy with 50+ UPF sun protection that can be easily lowered while you are seated when you want to feel the sun on your face. The oversized seat is comfy with breathable mesh fabric and a large cup holder. It’s pretty darn fabulous.

Beach days aren’t just about sitting, so get up and throw an Aerobie Pro Ring. The thin design of this flying ring allows it to travel farther than you can believe and it has soft edges so it doesn’t hurt when you catch it. I’ve heard you can even catch it with your foot but we aren’t quite that talented, but maybe you are! 

Blue tooth headphones are a necessity for listening to tunes in the sun but when they lose charge, you are super bummed. We found a solution that not only provides a safe place to store your buds, it also charges them (up to five full earbud charges to every Cocoon charge) – it’s the IFROGZ Cocoon Earbud Charging Case!

And speaking of charging, we need to always bring an extra charger to keep our electronics juiced up all day long. Who wants a boring one when you could have a unicorn! This Unicorn Powerbank has a 2000mAh battery and a handy LED indicator to alert you to how long you need to charge for. Mystical power for all.

After a day in the sun, you need to be kind to your skin. Check out Snow Fox Soothing Facial Cleansing Mousse. This gentle cleanser removes dirt and oils without stripping your skin of its much needed moisture.  Follow this up with their Day & Night Defense Multi Cream made with one of nature’s most powerful repairing agents, ginseng extract.