Portable Gadgets To Keep You Charged
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Portable Gadgets To Keep You Charged

We all wish our gadgets stayed charged longer than they do. Sometimes we forget to charge it before we leave the house, sometimes our little ones inadvertantly use up more battery than we noticed…

Don’t worry, help is on the way. These are great portable gadgets to keep you charged as you go about your crazy busy lives.

JunoPower: JunoJUMPR

We love multi-purpose devices – and this one won’t disappoint! How about a car battery charger that you can keep in your purse (or glove compartment?) Yep, this baby is the world’s thinnest car battery jump starter. It can charge your car battery and your mobile devices. Love it!

Felix: MonkeyOh

How cute is this? This innovative charging dock gets rid of the clutter of your cords and holds your iPhone in place while looking darn good at the same time. With the monkey’s flexible arms and sturdy feed, your phone will be in safe hands 🙂

Seidio: Innocell

Are you looking for sleek protection for your iPhone plus additional battery life? This rechargeable case provides a 125% increase in battery power. Protection plus battery power – nice.


When you are biking instead of driving we don’t want you to run out of steam. Phone steam that is. This portable battery pack can take your smart device from zero battery to 90%-100% charged. It mounts onto any bicycle and charges tablets, iPads and more.

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