Preventive Exercise Based on Your Blood Type
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Preventive Exercise Based on Your Blood Type

You simply cannot attain your potential for health without exercise. The human body requires movement and the proper type of exertion. Just as your eating regimen should be based on your blood type and subtype, so should your exercise program. Strenuous exercise is perfect for O’s, good for B’s and detrimental to A’s. All proper exercises are wonderful for:

• Relieving tension
• Burning off excess calories
• Balancing blood-sugar levels
• Curbing appetite
• Increasing energy level
• Clearing the mind
• Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood

To be successful, start your exercise plan with a specific exercise program and stick to it. Be selfish with your time. This is your chance to do something just for yourself–consider it a gift that will benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Don’t let anything or anyone take it away from you.

Start all your exercise regimens with warm up and cool down. Do a slow warm-up of five to ten minutes to increase circulation and bring warmth to cold, stiff tissues. Spend a few minutes shaking out your arms and legs before you begin more strenuous movements.

Ankle, knee, and hip circles will lubricate the joints to prepare them for harder work. Start slowly and gradually increase effort to the desired level of exertion. End every workout with a five to ten minute cool-down followed by some gentle stretching. All this will avoid athletic injuries.

Type O Blood Types need a demanding physical program since they tend to be muscular and their blood flow is naturally sluggish. Without a vigorous exercise program to activate their blood and energy, they can become lazy and lethargic. The more exercise, the more the body is stimulated, leading to an intense feeling of well-being.

Best exercises for Type O’s: Jogging, gymnastics, calisthenics, hiking, swimming, and bicycling — done vigorously regularly for up to an hour a day.

Whenever you start an exercise program, start slowly and work your way up. If you are ill or exhausted, you may only be able to accomplish a few minutes a day at first. Don’t be discouraged. Stick to your regimen and in time you will improve and attain ever-higher levels of health and fitness.

Type A Blood Types function chiefly on nervous energy, so it’s crucial to choose physical exercises that have a calming effect.

Best exercises for Type A’s: Jogging, calisthenics, gymnastics, or contact sports stimulate and excite Type A bodies. These activities should be done with restraint. Athlete Type As are usually more exhausted following similar exercises because they tend to use more mental or nervous energy in their performance and consequently experience a greater general drain. After strenuous exercises, Type A’s have little desire to engage in further activities or socialize.

You may feel you should work off excessive nervous energy through strenuous exercise. When you do, the immediate reaction is a feeling of relaxation, but this is due to fatigue that overwhelms the nervous system. The goal is not to achieve relief through exhaustion, but rather to calm the mind through specific exercises designed for this purpose. The best exercises for type As is hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong. Light swimming, jogging, hiking, golfing, and doubles tennis are also beneficial if done in a relaxed manner.

For Type B Blood Types exercise is not as vital and should be done in moderation. Type B’s bodies are moderately charged.

Best exercises for Type B’s: Jogging, hiking, and swimming as well as gymnastics, calisthenics, hatha yoga, tai chi, or qi gong for an hour several times a week should be sufficient. Whatever the exercise or sport, you will find that you can simply enjoy yourself rather than work to either calm or stimulate your body.

Type AB Blood Types are generally tense individuals who function primarily on nervous kinetic energy. Best exercises for Type AB’s: activities that will calm and relax you while avoiding overstimulation. Hatha yoga, tai chi, and qi gong are ideal for you.

Type AB’s should also participate in more strenuous exercises for five to ten minutes daily, but pace yourself and expend your energy economically.

Finally, no matter what blood type you are….you must stretch before exercising.

About Dr. D’Adamo: For more than half a century pioneering naturopath and originator of the Blood Type Diet, Dr. James L. D’Adamo has been treating patients with preventive diet menus, exercise, and vitamin regimen based on their blood type. Dr. D’Adamo’s insight on preventive foods has helped reverse such common ailments as cancer, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, ADHD and others. More than 50,000 patients worldwide follow D’Adamo Blood Type Diet – treated at the Portsmouth (NH) D’Adamo Institutes where natural, preventive, healthful solutions are offered to adults and children.

Dr. D’Adamo’s 2010 released groundbreaking book ”Just an Ounce of Prevention – is Worth a Pound of Cure” is aimed at helping our society turn the tide – with natural remedies/solutions – on illnesses plaguing our nation and ultimately lower the $100 billion annual healthcare cost debilitating our nation.

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