Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas
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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Romance and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. If the same red roses and box of chocolates just aren’t cutting it for you this year, think of romance in a new way. Simple romantic gestures with personal meaning behind them are more likely to make your sweetheart swoon. Doing something special that your partner likes is one of the most basic romantic gestures you can make.

Relive a Memory

Those early moments in your relationship that caused butterflies are often forgotten among the every day events. Valentine’s Day gives you the chance to relive those memories and rekindle the original feelings. Think back to some of your favorite dates, activities or moments as a couple. Perhaps it was your first date, the marriage proposal or just a favorite restaurant the two of you used to share. Plan to spend Valentine’s Day doing the same activities or visiting the same locations.

Love Notes

Love notes are a classic way to share your feelings with your loved one. On Valentine’s Day, write love messages to your sweetheart on heart-shaped sticky notes or inside a Valentine card. Hide the notes in various places so your partner finds them all day long. You might place them on the bathroom mirror while he showers, under his pillow, in his car, in his lunch bag or inside the refrigerator. Vary the messages on the notes to build excitement, especially if the two of you have plans later in the evening.

Aphrodisiac Meal

Whether you go out for Valentine’s dinner or cook at home, choose a meal full of aphrodisiacs to ignite the romance for later. Common aphrodisiac foods include hot chili peppers, oysters, pomegranates and salmon. Choose red wine to wash down your Valentine’s Day dinner, a drink that might also get the romance started. A dessert with either vanilla or chocolate rounds out your Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac meal.


If you can get away for the night, take a camping trip to spend some quality time with your partner in nature. A night under the stars gives you time to reconnect without distractions from technology. If you can’t stay away all night long, enjoy some time in a park or other natural setting to look at the stars together. Another option is to pitch a tent in the backyard so you can camp without leaving home.

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