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How to Prevent Wrinkles in Cotton Clothes

Cotton offers an inexpensive and durable option for clothing, but cotton garments also tend to wrinkle easily without proper care. Following a few extra steps during the washing process keep cotton clothes relatively wrinkle-free without much additional work. The exact care routine you choose depends partially on the type of cotton garment. While most people won’t starch and iron a cotton T-shirt for casual wear, a cotton dress shirt might warrant a more extensive wrinkle-reducing routine.

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How to Prevent Your Kid from Getting Lost

Every 40 seconds someones child is reported missing, totaling over 800,000 missing children in the U.S. each year. Whether you are in a crowded mall, amusement park or even your own yard, turning around and not seeing your child induces instant panic. There are steps parents can take to help shorten the time it takes to locate their child should he or she ever go missing, ways to educate children on how to stay safe and now even technology that can help you locate a missing child in a matter of moments.

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Prevention Education- Every Child NEEDS it…Every Parent SHOULD want it!!!!

With a name like KidSafe Foundation its pretty obvious that we want to keep children safeWe believe that every parents greatest wish for their children is to be happy, healthy and safe. But at the end of the day, open any newspaper, turn on the TV, read about it on the internet, read any best elling book, that is SO not the case! Virtually every day there are numerous articles about horrible …